«Conception Art & Design»


Net-Exhibition (Nettutstillingen):
We are glad to announce our newest and most recent project «The Net-Exhibition 2006» (Nettutstillingen 2006). This project was launched last August, where we opened our first public online-exhibition «Associations» by the visual artist Adon Elmir.
Experiencing art through an Internet exhibition isn’t the same as that through an art gallery and/or a traditional exhibition, but it has a distinctive feature, which makes it something surprisingly interesting.
The Net-Exhibition is a trial project within digital media and electronic art. It can be described as a kind of an artistic merge between digital art and visual art, where these two fields of art are mixed together in one combination. This project focuses on online-exhibitions that are organized on terms equal to that of other juried exhibitions.
We are glad that we were finally able to get the project implemented and to achieve considerable progress in developing such a project, which we aspire to carry on with and establish it as an annual artistic event.
The exhibition is available in Norwegian only. However, in our case, we dare say: What matters in fact, is not the language itself, but rather the visual element of the project.
The project is conceptualized by Conception under the management of Adon Elmir, and it is basically intended to be a common platform for manifold artistic expressions.